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Working of code to text ratio checker tool

Code to text ratio checker is used to calculate the percentage of the text in a web page. This tool is also known as visible text ratio or the page text ratio because it calculates the percentage of the text which is visible in the body of the page code versus the non-visible information in a web page such as image tags and HTML code. In order to check the code to text ratio, you need to enter your domain name in the tool and it will calculate the accurate percentage of visible text versus non visible information.

Why you should use our online Code to text ratio checker tool?

The code to text ratio tool offered by GoogleApps.cat is one of the best and powerful SEO tools because it helps the user to find the accurate visible text ratio in just few clicks. Apart from the complex code to text SEO tool, we provide better results and that too without any complex steps. A user need to enter the details of the valid domain name and click on the submit button. Our tool will calculate the visible text ratio and show the results within seconds. Other SEO tools might take minutes to compute the exact ratio. Our tool will also show the total text size and the total HTML size, which is helpful in improving the ratio as the user can make appropriate changes according the results. Higher the visible text ratio is the chances of obtaining high SEO rankings are also increased. If you know the exact code to text ratio, then only there is need to make changes in order to improve it, otherwise it is of no use. So, use our tool for getting accurate results and improving your SEO ranking.

Reliable tips for getting high code to text ratio for your website:

One of the most important things you need to focus on is the visible text. So, try to remove all the erroneous code and also remove the unnecessary codes such as comments, additional white spaces and other unwanted codes. With the help of this only, you can easily reduce some kilobytes from the total file size. Another important tip for keeping your code lean is to avoid unnecessary use of tables in the codes, unless they are used for specific purposes. Moreover, try to use modern methods of formatting as compared to traditional formatting methods in order to reduce the file size. Modern formatting methods such as cascading style sheets are much effective than the traditional method like font methods. The most important point to be kept in mind is the size of the images should not be too large. Do proper research before adding any image to the webpage as it takes most of the space in the webpage and reduces the text size. Simply follow these tips and you can easily obtain high code to text ratio without making any major changes in a web page.

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