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Importance of Keyword Density

When you write content for a blog or a website then you need to make sure that appropriate amount of keywords are used. The number of times a keyword appears on the website or blog is called as keyword density. Google has adopted a strict policy related to keyword density and websites which try to add irrelevant keywords to the content and that too in large number are penalized. For example, if you are writing 500-word content and want to place a particular keyword in that 500-word content then you need to make sure that the keyword is not repeated again and again. If you want to calculate the exact keyword density then it is good to use online keyword density tools. It becomes little difficult to calculate the keyword manually and it is quite time consuming. Hence, automatic tools must be deployed for this purpose. Not only you will be able to save time but will also be able to achieve amazingly accurate results.

Our keyword density checker tool gives accurate results

One of the main reasons why the keyword density checker tool offered by us is able to give accurate results is because it has been designed with lot of dedication and hard-work. Our team of web and application developers has made sure that proper research is done before finalizing anything. Moreover, we only make a tool life after proper testing. Our quality control team ensures that the tools are tested to perfection before being launched for our esteemed clients. Another best part about this SEO tool offered by us is that it gives precise results and that too within few seconds. All you need to do is to enter the domain name and keywords and click submit. The final results are presented in front of your screen within few seconds and you can analyze these results so that you can make improvements for better search engine rankings.

For precise results follow these important points

The first and the foremost important point is to make sure that a proper list of keywords which needs to be optimized is made. Then make sure to use these keywords in an appropriate manner inside the content. You also need to make sure that you should not overuse the keywords other the chances of getting penalized becomes higher. Another important tip to follow is to make sure that the keywords are placed inside the content at proper place. Do not put all keywords in one paragraph and instead scatter them at different parts of the content. You also need to make sure that the primary keyword is used in the title and the first paragraph of the content. One of the most important points is to make sure that the keywords are placed in a natural manner. Forceful stuffing of keywords may lead to website or blog getting penalized. Once you have written the content then make sure that the content is passed through keyword density checker tool for results.

Tips for keywords density checker

If you are looking for ranking of your website; or if you are a seo expert; in fact if you are trying to be seo expert then keywords density checker tool is specially for you. After updating google Panda Penguin rules now backlinks are not only the effective thing for website ranking. If your content is seo optimized and if you have perfect keywords density then your website can easily get ranked on search engines. Actually keywords density means the percentage of keywords available in your content per 100 words. It's really too much tough to count the keywords density manually if you have a big content. Not only that by maintaining keywords density it's quite impossible to write any content faster. So the solution is use our free seo tools. Simply paste the url and keywords with comma in our keywords density checker tool and check the density of your keywords. Try to keep the density 2-3% because it will be seo optimized. You think your article is not perfect or unique then don't forget to use our free Article Rewriter Tool. We hope this tool will help you a lot.

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