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Link price calculator for accurate calculations

Links plays a vital role in the success of a business as it is one of the easiest ways to earn money. All the advertisers post their link on the website and pay some amount to the website owner on every click on the link. So, how much a user should charge from the advertiser is the main thing a website owner should focus on. If he charges more money than the advertisers might abandon the website and if he charges low then the chances of making huge profits is also gone. To help the website in this situation link price SEO calculator tool is used. This tool will calculate the perfect amount to be charged from the advertisers thus making it easy for the website owner to reply to the advertiser. To use this tool, a user needs to enter the details of his domain and the tool will calculate the amount to be charged per link depending upon the SEO rankings of the website.

Our online link price calculator tool delivers precise results

Link price calculator tool is one of the important SEO tool used by all the website owners to calculate the exact price of the link. A little bit of mistake in the price of the link can cost huge loss to the website owner as the advertisers will not give them the right to display their ads in the future. So, it’s essential that the perfect link price calculator SEO tool is used and for this a website owner can use the services of GoogleApps.cat. Our tool will calculate the best price to be charged for per click on the link, so that neither the advertiser nor the website owner has to suffer any loss. To use our tool, a user needs to provide the details of the domain name so that our tool can calculate the price. A user can provide details of 20 domain names at a time and our tool will calculate the exact price of each of the domain provided in fraction of seconds.

Benefits and genuine strategies

A website owner can only make huge profits if more and more advertisers are linked with the website. The advertisers do agree on paying a little more amount than the market price to the website owner because of the website popularity. However, if a website owner charge double price than the market price from the advertiser than the advertiser will not accept it and will broke the contract. Moreover, this can lead to the popularity of the website as other advertisers will also get affected by it. So, it’s better to use link checker tool regularly to calculate the price to be charged from the advertiser. Advertisers do uses this tool and if the website owners charge the same price calculated by this tool, then both the advertiser and the website owner are satisfied and no one is bearing any loss.

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