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About Mobile Friendly Test

The Mobile Friendly Test is a free SEO tool that you can always use to check whether a certain page is mobile friendly or not. As you know, pages that are not mobile-friendly make it difficult for Web users to easily find the information they are looking for. Usually, they have to zoom in the page horizontally; otherwise, they will find it difficult to tap links. Using the tool, you can determine whether your page or pages are qualified for the “mobile-friendly” label. You can use it to analyze your blogs and websites.

The Mobile Friendly Tool will not require you to download or purchase. All you have to do is go straight and enter the URL of the page you want to check. Click the “Submit” button, and the result will be generated in a few seconds. You will see on the result of the test the page URL and the status whether the page you checked is mobile-friendly or not. It also includes a score, with 100 as the highest, and a screenshot of the webpage.

Why do you need to test whether your page is mobile-friendly or not? Google has decided to categorize pages as “mobile-friendly” if a page passes the set criteria. The change was implemented since December last year. Your page is qualified for the label if it avoids Flash and other software that are not common on any mobile device; if it uses readable text, which doesn’t require the viewer to zoom; if the content size is fit to the mobile device’s screen so the viewer won’t have to zoom or scroll horizontally; and if the links are placed with ample space in between for easy tapping.

When looking for specific information using the mobile device, Google includes a “mobile-friendly” label below the page URL when viewed on the search results. This helps users to decide whether or not to view pages such as yours. Sure thing is, they will view your page if it has the label.

The SEO Tool Mobile Friendly Test is created to help you instantly and freely analyze whether or not you have mobile-friendly pages. It also helps users to have better mobile web browsing experience. Use it now!

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