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What Is My IP Address Tool?

One of the main reasons why you need to check your website’s IP address is because it required for different purposes such as hardware installation, internet set up and connectivity related troubleshooting. Though you can check your IP address from command prompt option in your Windows PC but another simple step to follow is to use a reliable My IP Address Tool. There are several online tools that are available and you must ensure that the best tool is searched and used. In today’s fast paced world where time is considered as money, this tool really helps you to save considerable amounts of time. Apart from SEO experts there are several hardware experts which need to know about the IP address of a particular website so that they can plan their hardware and networking activities. At times, they may need to trouble the internet connectivity or they also may to configure a new network. All these activities require them to know about the IP address of a particular website and this tool makes their job easy by providing them with the much needed information within fraction of seconds.

Why to use My IP Address Tool offered by GoogleApps.cat?

We at GoogleApps.cat offer this amazing My IP Address Tool. Not only it is quite easy to use but also let you achieve information about multiple things. Apart from your IP address, you can also check the name of the city, region, country, country code, ISP, latitude and longitude. We have designed this tool after detailed study and have made sure that all of the major points are covered. We have made this tool quite simple as all you need to do is to enter the domain or website name and with a single click of a button the information will be displayed in front of your computer screen. We have also made sure that instant results are delivered so that you don’t have to wait for getting the desired results. Not only this helps in saving the precious time but also lets you concentrate on your core business activities such as planning of online marketing plans, advertising and other core activities related to search engine optimization. A user friendly SEO tool can help you enjoy your SEO campaign in a great way.


The foremost important tip to follow is to make sure that the IP addresses that you are getting on your screen are analyzed properly. This valuable information can be used for lead conversion. Another smart way of doing things is to make sure that the user behavior is monitored properly and you can also advertise your product accordingly. One of the most useful tips to follow is to make sure that competitors’ websites are also checked. You will come to know about their SEO plans as you will be able to find about the IP address connecting to their website. Hence, you can very well judge that IP Address tool can prove to be of great help especially for SEO experts.

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