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How Page Size Checker tool works?

All the internet users want the websites to have low bounce rates so that they can access the website faster. With respect to this, a website owner makes regular efforts in lowering down the bounce rate by reducing the size of a webpage. Nowadays, a visitor want the website to show images, audio, videos, etc., along with the text content so that they can easily understand the concept. Adding these media in a webpage makes the webpage sizes heavy because of which they do not load quickly. To overcome this problem, website owners use Page Size Checker SEO tool. This tool helps the user to know the size of a webpage and adjust it to another host so that the size is reduced a little bit and thus the loading time is also reduced. To use this SEO tool, submit the domain name of the website to the tool so that it can calculate the size of a tool.

What makes our SEO Page Size Checker Tool special from other SEO tool providers?

Page Size Checker tool is the most commonly used tool by the website owners as they keep on adding webpages to the website and thus check its size with the help of this tool. Our SEO Page Size Checker Tool provide the detailed information regarding the size of a webpage as it displays the size in Kilobytes (KB) and Bytes. A user can further use this information to adjust the size of a webpage by editing some media to another webpage whose size is less as compared to the current webpage. Overall, a website owner can adjust the size of all the webpages in such a way that all the webpages are of approximately same size and takes same time to load. To use our SEO Page Size Checker Tool, provide the details of the URL. The tool will display the exact results in fraction of seconds which makes it the best online SEO Page Size Checker tool.

What are the benefits of using Page Size Checker tool?

  • Page Size Checker tool is the most important SEO tool and can’t be neglected by a website owner as most of the viewer traffic is dependent on it. If the bounce rate is high, the visitor traffic will reduce and if it is low then the traffic will increase.
  • Suppose there are two websites which show the result on a common topic. If the first website takes less than 10 seconds to load and the other takes more than a minute, then the viewers will prefer to visit the first website because of less loading time. This is the main benefit of Page Size Checker tool which attracts the visitors and increase the visitors traffic on the website.
  • Increased viewers traffic will help to increase the popularity of the website because of which more and more advertisers will contact the website. Another advantage of this tool is to improve SEO rankings. With the increasing popularity and viewer’s traffic on the website, the SEO rankings will definitely go up.

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