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About QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator is a custom QR code generator tool that helps users in generating machine- readable QR Codes which consist of an array of black pattern and white background, only readable through devices such as a camera or a scanner. It is normally used for the storage of data or information about a particular thing to be read by only a machine. This code is typically used on operating systems of mobile devices, virtual stores, URLs, website login and to store information regarding credit cards or debit cards.

Why Our QR Code Generator Tool?

We are offering you a great tool for free to generate custom QR codes. This tool has been termed great because it will allow you to create your own QR codes in just a single click along with the features like your preferable image size and the error correction level for your custom code.

How To Use This Tool:

Using our tool is very simple, you just have to enter the code that you want to encode, select the image size that you prefer and the level of error correction. Then click on the button that says “Generate”. After that, a code will be generated immediately and you can also view the QR Code URL below it. The generated Code can be downloaded in different pixels and file formats such as JPEG, PNG and SVG.

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