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How reverse IP domain checker tool works?

There are certain IP addresses that are blocked by search engines due to safety issues. If the blocked IP address shares your IP address then the search engines might block your website too. Also, if a website is on a shared hosting with the porn site, the website will be automatically blocked by the search engine. So, it is necessary to check which websites or links are sharing your IP address. If any problematic websites or unsecured IP addresses are sharing your address, then it’s necessary to remove them as soon as possible. For this purpose, IP domain checker tool is used as it displays the list of all the links sharing your website. Any problematic link sharing the IP address will be marked by special symbol or icon, so that a user can easily find it out of the several sharing links. A user can further block it so that no damage is caused because of it.

What is so special in SEO IP Domain Checker Tool?

A website shares its IP address with other links or websites in order to attract more visitors. If you block any website or link from sharing your address without any reason, then the other links will also boycott your website and thus affect the SEO rankings. So, it’s necessary to remove only risky links or websites which can cause damage. If you use IP domain checker tool from any of the SEO service provider and blocks some of the websites because of the safety issues shown by the tool. Suppose, if some of the websites were absolutely fine but the results shown by the tool was not 100% correct and then the other links sharing your IP address will also leave your website. So, use SEO IP Domain Checker Tool, to get accurate results so that you do not have to block any secure link or website. Our SEO tool will only mark the link with icons, if the tool is blacklisted by any of the search engines or is present in the anti-spam database. To use the tool, a user needs to submit the details of the website address and the tool will look for the links and websites sharing the IP address of the provided domain name.

Reliable tips for using IP domain checker tool:

  • IP domain checker tool is a powerful SEO tool which makes sure only the secure websites or links are sharing your website address. The tool will inform the website owner about the harmful link sharing your address, so that the owner can block it and makes the website secure.
  • A secured website is always beneficial as the visitors as well as the websites and links sharing the IP address feel safe while accessing the website.
  • They will be free from any kind of risk as all the links are carefully checked by the SEO tool and thus the chance of causing any damage is very less. So, use the IP domain checker tool to make your website safer and secure for the visitors.

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