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Website Reviewer - SEO Tool
 - 50+ SEO metrics in one page
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There are many factors which contribute to your site's success and play a vital role in improving your search positions. These factors are proper On Page & Off Page SEO, good site structure, good user experience, proper navigation, SEO friendly theme and so on. If you don't pay attention to these areas of your site, then obviously you aren't going to get the extraordinary result of your day and night hard work. 

So now you have created your site, you have posted a good amount of content on it, but still you see that your site is not improving. Why is this so? It is due to the mistakes that you might have made on your site. But now the question comes that how would you get to know the mistakes or problems in your site? While some experts would charge you a lot for providing you a complete review of your website, SeoToolStation has created All In One Website Reviewer Tool, which will provide an A-Z info of your site. 

Why The All In One Website Reviewer Tool Is Awesome?

Our tool is awesome because it provides an in-depth review of your site fast, free and without any hassle! Just enter the complete URL of your site and our tool will display the A-Z report of your site within some seconds only. Let's read on and find what details our All In One Website Reviewer provides.

  • Title Tag, Meta Description, & Meta Keywords: This free SEO tool will tell you about the site's title tag, meta keywords, and meta description. It will also tell you about the number of words used in the Title Tag and the number of keywords used in the meta.
  • Headings: This Website Reviewer Tool will display the type of headings used in your site and also the areas where you have used them. You will learn how many times you have used H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6 tags on your site and where have you used them.
  • Images Without ALT Attributes: The tool will also crawl the images which you have published on your site and will tell you the number of total images on your site and the number of images without ALT Attributes. If there's image without ALT attribute, the tool will show the URL of the image so that you can quickly locate the image and fix the issue.
  • Keywords Chart: Our best website reviewer tool will display a chart showing the keywords cloud and keyword consistency. You will come to know that which keywords are used the most in your site's content, headings, and descriptions and which keywords are used the least.
  • Loading Time: SeoToolStation Website Reviewer Tool will open the website both from mobile and desktop and will display the time the site took to load on the devices. 
  • Mobile Friendliness: Every website should be mobile-friendly because now more users use mobile for internet surfing rather than the old desktop pcs! Google also rolled out its update where it penalized many sites which weren't mobile responsive. So you can use this tool to check whether your site is mobile-friendly or not. The tool will also display how your site looks on a mobile device.
  • Broken Links: The All In One Website Reviewer also checks for the number of broken links on your site. It will display the broken links in a chart form with the location of the dead link and the status code.
  • Backlinks Counter & Social Counter: This free SEO tool also provides a complete report of backlinks using its Backlinks Counter tool. You will be notified how many links are pointing to your site. A full report of social likes and shares of your website is also included in the results.
  • Whois Data: Besides providing you a complete SEO analysis of your website, SeoToolStation All In One Website Reviewer will also show the complete Whois Data of your site. You will come to know about the domain age, created date, domain expiry date, registrar information and much more.
  • Website's Estimated Worth, Traffic Rank and Visitors Location: Know your site's estimated worth, traffic rank in the world and the list of countries where most of your site's audience are located.

Besides all these things, our tool provides information about many things too such as your site XML Sitemap, Robots.txt, server IP, Page Size, Favicon, and GZIP Compression Test.

The team at GoogleApps.cat has specially developed this tool for online marketers to help them in their SEO activities and we don't believe that there would be any other free tool which provides A-Z information of a site like our All In One Website Reviewer.

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